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» 05-Jan-2017
» MonitorIn a victory for the City of Hidalgo over who controls the Borderfest name, an appeals court agreed with a district court decision to grant a temporary injunction preventing officials with the City of McAllen from using the name. The trial court acted ...

» 05-Jan-2017
Brownsville Herald
» Brownsville HeraldTuesday, however, Federal Judge Ricardo Hinojosa recused himself from the case against Hidalgo, HEDC, State Farm and Hidalgo BorderFest. Hinojosa reassigned it to U.S. District Judge Micaela Alvarez. Our federal judges are extremely competent.and more »

» 13-Nov-2016
» MonitorJong Kwan Kim, of Jinju, South Korea, hangs lanterns on a row of lights while getting ready for Borderfest Wednesday at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo. Borderfest will run from Thursday through Sunday and focus on celebrating Korea this year. photo by ...

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» 24-Oct-2016
El Mañana de Reynosa
» El Mañana de Reynosa FESTIVAL. El alcalde de Hidalgo comentó que a pesar de lo que decida la Corte, la ciudad realizará un festival el primer fin de semana de marzo. McAllen, Tx. Luego de la demanda impuesta por la ciudad de Hidalgo a la asociación civil Bordefest, está ...

» 24-Oct-2016
San Antonio Express-News (subscription)
» San Antonio Express-News (subscription) Parades are just part of the activities at Hidalgo's Borderfest. Courtesy Photo Photo: COURTESY. Photo: COURTESY PHOTO. Parades are just part of the activities at Hidalgo's Borderfest. Courtesy Photo. Parades are just part of the activities at Hidalgo ...and more »

» 24-Oct-2016
» KGBT-TV. By Dave Hendricks Friday, February 12th 2016. BorderFestBattle.png. At left: the City of Hidalgo BorderFest logo. At right: the BorderFest Association logo for 2016 ...

» 24-Oct-2016
San Antonio Express-News (subscription)
» San Antonio Express-News (subscription) The association filed a lawsuit in federal court in a bid to stop the City of Hidalgo, its Economic Development Corporation and the newer Hidalgo BorderFest LLC, from using the BorderFest name to promote its own festival. On Friday, Alvarez asked what ...BorderFest remains in limbo Monitorlos 10 artículos informativos »

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